Your are an artist / producer or play an instrument? You are interested in working together with the singer? Do not hesitate to contact her, for projects just for the fun of it, or also in a professional way.


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Lyrics - Melody - Composition - Preproduction- Studio Vocals




  • Pop/Rock
  • Soul
  • R'n'B
  • German & English


Stefanie Eisermann already started making her own songs by the age of nine, using the german language.


After discovering her singing voice by the age of 11 and rapidly improving autodidactically, she started taking professional vocal lessions by the age of 13. 


After her first studio projects together with hip-hop artists, she had the goal to produce her own music. Since the year 2010 she does it professionally in german and english. Together with the cover band "Soul Connection", she already performed one of her own pop songs called "In Erinnerung" (english: "Memory") within a live concert in Buchholz, Germany 2012.


This one really turned out to be suitable for the mass and touched the audience, which was shown by the very positive reaction of the people - to a song, no one has ever heard before.


The singer always keeps herself busy with music theory and the art of writing great songs, which turns out into this famous catchy tune.



The fluent english of Stefanie Eisermann makes her songs absolutely authentic, even though her mother language is german.


Projects are songs for the band "Soul Connection", as well as songs for other artists and last but (definately) not least, herself.


The music is about classic pop ballads, experimental r'n'b songs up to indie pop songs, as well as some experiments with house and electronic music.


Almost every song exists in both languages and can be translated easily by the singer. The final result is a high-quality preproduction, which will be finished, mixed and mastered in the next step. For that, Stefanie Eisermann has professional partners, and is always interested in new contacts.


Her work is characterized by a high level of empathy when it is about songs for other artists. She is working rapidly and target-oriented, which, however, does not limit her great creativity and productiveness.